Biotope (wildlife and plants)

To maintain biological life on the soil, we grassed the rows of vines continuously with varieties of perennial ryegrass. This practice keeps a vegetative cover and an organic life (insects, earthworms, small rodents etc..) and enrich the soil of the biodegradable nutrients needed for vine.

This organic life induces a biotope which has allowed the establishment for 40 years, a chain of plants and animals on our soil. We have been able to watch some birds come back (birds of prey, hawks, osprey, herons, ...). Hares and deers feed on the grass, the wild boars on earthworms, moles and small rodents, and finally, magpies and ravens on lizards, frogs or snails.

Such smaller elements of the food chain had been lost due to the regular ploughing which constituted the former practices. Weed prevents soil erosion and reduces the pollution of waterways.

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