Men and Women

Genealogical research conducted by René MAZEAU, Oriane and Xavier's grandfather, has highlighted the uninterrupted presence of winemakers in the MAZEAU family from the 15th century up to now.

Charles Mallet, a wine merchant in Paris and Castillon la Bataille, purchased the estate in 1928. His great, great grand-daughter, Oriane Mazeau, has continued the tradition and followed the tradition as the fifth generation of the family to make wines at Château Toutigeac.

The Mazeau family, generation after generation, has planned a high quality vineyard in order to produce well rounded, fruity and generous wines which have long been appreciated by a knowledgeable and faithful clientele in France and elsewhere.

Chronology of history
  • 1928 : Charles Mallet, wine merchant in Bercy, (Paris), and in Castillon-la-Bataille (Gironde), bought the Domaine de TOUTIGEAC,
  • 1949 : Michelle COULLON, Charles MALLET's granddaughter, married René MAZEAU, winemaker graduate of the Faculty of Bordeaux,
  • 1970 : Philip, Michelle and René MAZEAU's eldest son, bought the Domaine de HARTES, next to the Château TOUTIGEAC. Together, they developed the wineyard which would reach up to 150 hectares in 1985,
  • 1972 : Beginning of the sale of bottled wine throughout Europe,
  • 1985 : Since René MAZEAU's retirement, each brother now leads an independent vineyard. Philip became the Director of the TOUTIGEAC Vineyards,
  • 1996 : Oriane, Philip and Martine's daughter, after a degree in enology and viticulture, joined her Fathers on the vineyard,
  • 2011 : Oriane MAZEAU became the manager of the TOUTIGEAC Vineyards. She is now continuing the tradition of winemaking as the fifth generation of the family.
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  • René MAZEAU
  • 3 générations
  • Philippe et Martine
  • Dégustation Oriane & Philippe
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